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Drum Play the taiko drum at the start of sesshin and before teisho.

Han Strike the han that signals the beginning of the rounds of zazen and calls to teisho or chanting.

Greeter Welcome new visitors and give them a brief orientation to practice.

Lead Chanter Conduct the chanting services and assist at other ceremonies such as Jukai.

Mokugyo Keep time during chanting on the mokugyo.

Offices Offer incense at the Center's altars, chanting and ringing a small handbell between them, before morning sittings.

Timer Ring the big bell, strike the clappers, and keep time with the inkin bell during formal rounds.

As an essentially lay, non-residential sangha, we have to rely on each other's readiness to step up and commit to the work of making formal practice a reality. Not only is this a way to keep the temple functioning, it also provides yet another occasion for one to learn to step out of the way and let things just as they are unfold.


One place to begin is demonstrating a willingness to train at the various instruments and jobs that sustain our common practice. Some of the instruments and jobs almost anyone can be trained to play or do.  Others require particular skill sets. Talk with the Abbot or the Head of Zendo if you'd like to take a stab at training up at any of these:

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