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The Chicago Zen Center is part of an extended family of centers that trace their teaching tradition back to Philip Kapleau and the Rochester Zen Center.  While these centers and groups are for the most part self-governing, independent sanghas, they all share a common spirit of practice and aspiration that characterized Kapleau's teaching.  

The CZC has been pleased to host some of the teachers and sangha members from time to time, and members of the CZC have found a warm welcome at many of these centers as well.

Auckland Zen Centre, (Ven. Amala Wrightson, Sensei)
Berlin Zen Group, Germany (Robert Goldmann, Sensei)
Casa Zen, Mexico City (Gerardo Gally, Sensei)
Madison Zen Center (John Pulleyn, Sensei, Ven. Dhara Kowal, Sensei; Rick Smith, Group Leader)

Montreal Zen Center

Mountain Gate New Mexico (Ven. Mitra Bishop, Sensei)
Rochester Zen Center (John Pulleyn, Sensei, Ven. Dhara Kowal, Sensei)
Toronto Zen Centre (Ven. Taigen Henderson, Sensei)
Vermont Zen Center (Ven. Sunyana Graef, Sensei)
Windhorse Zen Community North Carolina,  (Ven. Sunya Kjolhede, Roshi; Ven. Lawson Sachter, Roshi)
Zen Center of Denver (Ven. Karin Ryuku Kempe, Sensei; Ven. Peggy Metta Sheehan, Sensei)
Zenbuddhistiska samfundet Sweden (Ven. Sante Poromaa, Sensei; Ven. Kanja Odland, Sensei)

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