Our temple is a community resource, a repository of those influences that foster awakening to the reality beyond boundaries. We make this resources freely available to anyone sincerely looking for support in their journey of awakening.


A natural outcome of such a journey is a growing desire to return the support from which we have ourselves benefited. This desire is a manifestation of our own Buddha mind. This temple has been sustained by generations of practitioners who, having seen its value, have been moved to assure its continuity through membership.


In becoming a member, not only do you shoulder your share of responsibility for the upkeep of the temple, but your relationship to this practice community shifts. One moves from feeling somewhat of a visitor toward the fuller sense of mutual support and belonging known as "sangha".


When the Chicago Zen Center begins to feel like an integral part of your spiritual work, please consider becoming a member.

The Chicago Zen Center is supported by the generous contributions of its members and those who come to know us. Membership dues, general contributions (dana), and sesshin fees may be paid by cash or check at the Center, by check through the mail, or electronically. Electronic contributions may be sent via Zelle or PayPal, using as the recipient.