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We are able to offer the Dharma to all only because of the generous support of so many. If you find it important to you that a place such as this is able to do the work it does, please consider contributing financially to its support. Electronic contributions may be sent via the Donate button below (PayPal) or via Zelle using as the recipient (preferred).


Our temple is a community resource, a repository of those influences that foster awakening to the reality beyond boundaries. This this resource is offered freely to anyone sincerely looking for support in their journey of awakening. Except for sesshin, since it involves expenses connected with food and lodging, there is no charge for anything the Center has to offer, and even sesshin fees may be underwritten by resources from the Abbot's Fund in cases where one is unable to afford them on one's own.

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The doors of this temple have been open for half a century because of the generosity of practitioners who, having come to appreciate its particular uniqueness, were moved to assure its continuity through membership. In becoming a member, not only do you share in the responsibility for the temple's upkeep, but your relationship to this practice community shifts. One moves from feeling somewhat of a visitor toward the fuller sense of mutual support and belonging known as sangha.


When the Chicago Zen Center begins to feel like an integral part of your spiritual work, please consider becoming a sustaining member. Dues are modest ($50/month or $600/year for regular membership; $10/month or $120/year for students or those who are underemployed). They can be paid in cash at the Center, by check through the mail or at the Center, or electronically via the Donate button above (PayPal) or through Zelle to (preferred).

One way to ensure the continued teaching presence of the Center is to include the Center in your estate planning. Even modest endowments can go some distance to help secure the building and programming of the Center into the near future. For information on tax identification number and the like, please consult the Center's business manager (

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