We welcome everyone who would like to get to know more about Zen practice and our Center in particular.  Anyone may take part in any of our scheduled Sunday and evening sittings, though we ask that if it is your first time here you arrive a full half hour early to get oriented before formal rounds begin.  If you are interested in a more "beginner-friendly" introduction to practice, consider attending an Intro Night or a "Beginner's" Night.

Held on the 1st Tuesday of most months, our "Intro Nights" offer a chance for persons with little or no experience of meditation to get a feel for practice here at the Center. These are usually led by the teacher, Yusan Graham, and provide an overview of the practice, help getting established in a workable sitting posture, and time for questions before participating a round of zazen in the zendo with Center members. Intro Nights begin at 7:00pm. There is no charge, and no registration is required.


The Tuesday evening rounds are designed for those who may find full 50 minute rounds of sitting a bit daunting at first.  These "Beginner's" Nights have three 25 minute rounds with 5 minutes of walking meditation in between (rather than two 50 minute rounds with 10 minutes walking meditation).  Daisan is offered on these evenings.  Though they are beginner-friendly, Tuesday evening sitting is in no way restricted to beginners.