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Here we use English unless there's good reason not to.  These are some of the non-English, practice-related words one will hear at the Chicago Zen Center:

Daisan:  One-on-one meeting with a senior student concerning one's practice and practice-related concerns

Dokusan:  One-on-one meeting with the teacher concerning one's practice, koan work, and the confirmation of insight


Gassho:  Hands held palm-to-palm, depending on the context accompanied by a bow


Han:  The wooden block that is struck before formal rounds, teisho or chanting


Inkin Bell:  The bell that is used to mark time and movement


Kentan:  Morning review and greeting of the zendo by the teacher


Kesu:  Metal bowl gongs used during chanting and other services


Kinhin:  Walking meditation


Kyosaku:  The flattened, wooden "encouragement" stick


Mokugyo:  Wooden "fish" drum used to keep time during chanting


Rakusu:  The abbreviated robe of the Buddha worn about the neck


Teisho:  The formal talk of a Zen teacher


Umpan:  Gong sounded for meals


Zazen:  Seated meditation


Zendo:  Meditation Hall

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