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The Board of Trustees of the Chicago Zen Center is tasked with setting administrative policy and overseeing the financial and legal affairs of the Center.  The Board is composed of five members, four elected by the sangha and one appointed by the Board.  A member of the Board, whether elected or appointed, may serve no more than two consecutive two-year terms before being required to sit out a year before possibly being reelected or reappointed. To serve on the Board, one must be a member of the Center in good standing.

The members of the Board of Trustees and the dates their terms expire are:

Andrew Kasprzycki, Chair (04/2026-2)

Mary Reynolds (04/2026-2)

Wayne Guzy (10/2025-2)

Nate Namowicz (04/2025-1)

Hugh Thomas (04/2025-1)

ZenCenterBoardMembers copy.jpeg

Pictured left to right:

Andrew Kasprzycki, Nate Namowicz, Mary Reynolds, Wayne Guzy. Not pictured: Hugh Thomas


The Center has four corporate officers as stipulated by the Bylaws.  Officers are elected by the Board of Trustees annually, and their duties are outlined in the Bylaws and relevant parts of Illinois law.

The Center's current officers are:

President: Ven. Shodhin Geiman
Vice-President: Hugh Thomas
Secretary: Alex Shelley
Treasurer: Nat Krause


The Center's Bylaws and Ethical Guidelines call for the establishment of a Grievance Committee.  The Grievance Committee is tasked with fielding ethical complaints that may arise against any of the Center's administrators, officers or other leaders.  A Center member may approach any of the Grievance Committee members to initiate the inquiry process.

The current Grievance Committee members are:

Wayne Guzy

Mary Jeanne Larrabee
Mary Reynolds

In case one of the members is unable to serve or is the subject of the complaint, the Board will designate an alternate.

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